Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoît Mangin came together in 1991 to form Art Orienté objet. In a collaboration that resembles that between a playwright and a stage director who are in constant dialogue (we can see them as artist and "artistic-output-director"), they are fascinated by the sciences of life in general and of behavior in particular--from ethology to trans-cultural psychiatry.
During the last fifteen years, they have put forth several poetic and surprising projects that have resulted from their experimentations and that reveal our behaviors as we face existence and the environment. Their works take on various aesthetic forms (installations, objects, videos, and/or photographs) in which we find a familiar animal presence and a staging of their own existence.

They took part in numerous international group shows : Images du Futur, Montreal 1991 ; Entre chien et loup, Magasin de Grenoble, 1992 ; Sonsbeek, Arnhem 1993 ; Soggetto, soggetto, Castello di Rivoli, 1994 ; Nicaf, Yokohama, 1995 ; Compartments, Copenhague cultural capital, 1996 ; Hybrids, De Appel, 1996 ; Aids Worlds, Genève 1998 ; Melbourne Biennial, 1999 ; Biennale de Lyon, 2000 ; Parole de peau, Musée de la civilisation, Québec, 2001 ; Biennale Art grandeur nature, La Courneuve, 2002 ; Art Biotech, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, 2003 ; Art Focus, Jérusalem, 2003 ; The Uncanny, Tate Liverpool et MUMOK, Vienne, 2004 ; Arte, religione, politica, PAC, Milan, 2005 ; Cynismes ? Biennale de Québec, 2005...